How do i get seo optimization changes to stay and not get modified ?

SEO optimization takes into account all the changes that occur directly on a website. It allows the latter to be referenced naturally. Would you like to keep your SEO optimization changes? Here are four tips to get there without breaking your head.

Redirect old pages to new ones

Redirecting an old page to a new one is a good way to ensure that you don’t lose SEO optimization changes. This method consists of using an HTTP header that specifies that this page has permanently changed its address. It allows the robot to stop indexing the old URL and update its index by assigning the new URL to the page. This prevents the reproduction of a web page whose link has been modified. As for the old URL, if you don’t redirect it to a new page, you can delete it.

Bet everything on technique

To have the best possible odds in preserving optimization changes, you have to put a lot of emphasis on technique. She is a sure ally to avoid losing these modifications. Then remove the Meta tag from the development version so that Google can index the new site.

Then you need to update the sitemap.xml files and submit them to Google Search Console. This action will speed up the indexing of your site without removing optimization changes. In the technical aspect of your approach, you must also work on the redirects. They are often due to page deletions on the site.

Improve your content and tags

The risk of your SEO optimization modification efforts collapsing overnight is enormous. To avoid it, you need to take care of your content and tags. It doesn’t require a lot of effort. Just put readers back at the center of your content. So you write more for the benefit of readers than to fuel a search engine. Your site must integrate original content.

In addition, you must be relevant in your writing style. Likewise, you must optimize your texts to give them a good position in search results on the internet. Remember to include interesting links while choosing good anchors. You will gain by putting a lot of care into the layout of your text. Use words from the same lexical fields to replace keywords.

Perform an SEO audit

SEO auditing is an effective way not only for SEO, but also to keep optimizations. It exists in two forms: technical SEO and qualitative SEO. To succeed in an SEO audit, you have to carry out a natural referencing. It consists of reviewing the keywords which constitute the base of the site.

Studying the behavior of visitors to your website will benefit you. Depending on their behavior, you have an idea of ​​how to associate their needs with the themes of your site. In this audit, you can assess the contribution of the different media you use to the site. This requires careful analysis of the size and reading of the images.