Where buy a hitbox welder ?

To carry out welding work on particularly solid materials such as stainless steel and iron, you need a well-adapted, reliable and efficient welding machine. On the market, there is a multiplicity of welding machine models offered by various brands, including Hitbox. To get your hands on an original Hitbox welder, here are some ideas of where you can buy it.

On the hitboxarcade French website

To buy a welding machine offered by the Hitbox brand, the best option is to go to its official website. Indeed, the brand has a website that also acts as an online store. If you are in France, you can find the Hitbox welding machine at hitboxarcade.com/en. This is one way you can get your hands on a quality Hitbox model.

This is particularly the case with the 200 A multifunction Gas MIG welding machine which offers optimum welding. Also, you can buy a gasless MIG model, a Lift TIG model, or an ARC/Baton/MMA model. By purchasing the product from the official website, you can be sure that you are purchasing a quality, functional machine with spare parts. Plus, you can get free shipping. In case of problems, you can find help and technical assistance from Hitbox experts. The best part is that Hitbox offers you equipment that meets good value for money.

On a general sales site

Apart from the official site, you can buy a hitbox welding machine from general sales or e-commerce sites. These are platforms like Amazon, AliExpress, or eBay that offer a variety of products. These signs have a special category dedicated to materials and mechanical products or intended for major works or DIY. By doing a precise search on these online stores, you will find different models of Hitbox welding machines. Thus, you will have to make a choice that will correspond to your needs.

On these general sale platforms, each model is presented in detail with all the information relating to specific elements. There are functions, design, use, among other technical characteristics. You will also be able to read the opinions of former customers on the Hitbox welder. However, the downside with these general-purpose sales sites is that you won’t have the support and expertise needed.

In a specialized online store

As an alternative to generalist internet sales sites, you can also purchase a Hitbox welder from a specialist online store. The latter is a sales site that is specifically dedicated to this type of product. They are often maintained by true tooling and DIY professionals and work with big brands like Hitbox.

On the specialized site, you will then see, for sale under licenses, the original products of these brands. There is a good chance that you will easily find Hitbox welding machine models. In addition, to build customer loyalty, these online stores organize promotions. This allows you to buy the products at an affordable price.

Unlike generalist sites, specialized online stores can provide you with advice during your purchase. In addition, these online stores also have physical stores where you can go directly to purchase the welding machine.