How to make a tulle bow for a wedding ?

A decoration made on the basis of the tulle knot provides a style of class and glamour. You can use it for benches, chairs, and cars during a wedding ceremony. Here are the key steps with which you can make a pretty tulle bow for your wedding.

Gather essential supplies

You will need about 6 pieces to make the tulle knot. Provide sharp scissors, a tape measure, a large piece of cardboard, 4 straight pins. You will also need a plastic bench clip. The latter can be replaced by a wire cleaner or a pipe cleaner.

Determine the size of your tulle bow

To start by making your tulle knot, you must first identify its size. If the arch is to be 12 inches in diameter, you should also measure and mark the 12-inch dimension on a piece of cardboard. Indeed, the tulle must be placed on the cardboard to facilitate the process of making the knot.

Plan the size of the tail of the bow, taking into account the design you want to give your knot. Then select double the planned length for the tail and set it aside.

Assemble the materials

You need to arrange each end of the extent of the tulle over that of the piece of cardboard. You should also gently pull a portion of the tulle you picked up until it reaches the size you told it on the cardboard. The end of the extended tulle must then be pinned down.

You have to do the same for the five extended tulles. Now fold these separately, one after the other in the opposite direction to the image of an accordion. You must then remove the pins and replace them with your 4 brioches which will be placed on each of the 4 other stretches of tulle when you are busy folding one of them.

At the end, you will have five loops on each side. Repeat the entire exercise on the reverse side of the tulle to form 5 loops there as well.

Then cut 10 straight pieces of tulle. Each of them should be the same length as each of the edges of the formed loops. Arrange the cut pieces in a square knot. Finally, hang them on the ends of the formed loops.

The knot finishing work

You can now remove the four pins that hold the loops of tulle. Use your fingers to ruffle the pieces of tulle. However, do it gently in order to secure a finished knot.

Your tulle knot will keep the shape in which it is stretched and folded. Besides, it can be easily torn when finishing. So do the job very carefully to have the product finished.

Customize your knot

You can add additional decorations to your bow to personalize it. It can be flowers, bows, ribbons, feathers, or other ornaments. You can tie these items in the center of your tulle knot with fine thread or glue.

If you want to arrange your bows on benches or chairs, you can use bench clamps. They will allow you to better hold the knot. You can also tie a piece of wire or a pipe cleaner to the back of the center knot.