How to make a resume to apply for a jobs armed security in Brinks ?

Are you interested in working in armed security at Brinks? Send your application! In order to get the attention of this company, you need to send a polished resume. Here are some tips to help you write your resume to stand out from the crowd.

What to put in your resume for an armed security job?

Brinks is a company that specializes in cash handling, cash transport and ATM management. In fact, it is one of the most highly rated security and protection companies in the world. If you are interested in working in armed security for this company, your resume should show your professional skills. The most important ones to include are :

  • Military and police experience: brag about the skills you’ve acquired while on military and police missions. Don’t hesitate to mention any special recognitions.
  • Security experience: If you have ever worked in security (celebrity protection, bank protection, nightclub protection, etc.) mention it in your resume.
  • Firearms experience: this profession involves the use and handling of firearms. You should therefore describe any firearms-related training you have taken part in (e.g. Smith gun training, semi-automatic firearms certification, etc.). This will increase your chances of being hired.

How do I write a good resume for brinks armed security jobs?

Recruiters at Brinks receive hundreds of resumes every day. So, in order for you to get their attention, yours must stand out. You need to send them a unique and personalized application. To do this, write your resume as follows:

  • Focus on a good formatting for a CV
  • Mention your relevant experience
  • List your certifications and training
  • Don’t forget your soft skills
  • Think about references

brinks armed security jobs

Resume layout

Know that, even if you have the best skills, if your CV is badly presented, you have great chances that the recruiter will put it aside. So, think about its layout. For this, you can: use a font that is easy to read, opt for a classic form with headings and text, have your resume on an A4 sheet, opt for font size 12, write short sentences.

Professional experience

Your goal is to get hired at Brinks. So focus on your most relevant experiences. For example, if you have held similar positions in other organizations, mention them in this section.

Certifications and training

Just like experience, having certifications in this field is a real plus on your resume. So, in this section, list the different degrees you’ve had that are related to armed security roles. For example, you can talk about your certification in industrial security, armed surveillance training, category D weapons training, etc.

Soft skills

In your resume, include a section on your other skills. Your employer should be able to see that you are a versatile person and an asset to the company. So, if you excel in communication, for example, or if you have skills in autonomy, organization, stress management, adaptability, etc., don’t hesitate to include them in your resume.


They are an additional asset to support an application. It is true that this section is optional, but it is also very much appreciated by recruiters. It is an opportunity for them to investigate your application further. It also shows your honesty about your skills. References are usually placed at the end of a resume and can include former employers, instructors, mentors or co-workers.