How to find a maritime medical training ?

Being a sailor or a member of a maritime crew is a risky job. At any time, you can have accidents or illnesses on board. In these situations, medical assistance is imperative to ensure the survival of those affected. Therefore, you must follow maritime medical training in order to face any situation during your missions. Here are some tips on how to find quality medical training centers for mariners.

Maritime medical training : how to find the right one for you ?

Let’s be clear, there is no ideal place where you will find all the training in this field. Research is needed to find the training and organizations that exist. Here are some paths to explore:

  • Internet
  • Maritime schools
  • Networking

maritime medical training

Online research

On the internet, you can find everything, including maritime medical training. All you have to do is enter some keywords (maritime medical training, maritime medical training + locality, etc.) in the search engine and browse the different results. This way, you will come across credible sites that offer courses on marine first aid, seizure and stroke management, wound and bleeding management, etc.

The good thing about the internet is that it breaks down geographical barriers. You can find very interesting courses from schools in other countries, which will give you international certifications. And if you don’t know it, these diplomas give weight to the CV!

On top of that, by finding your training online, you will be able to follow the courses remotely, without traveling. So, if you have a busy schedule or other obligations, you can add the training into your schedule without a problem.

Maritime schools

You can also find training by visiting maritime schools in your area. For example, the institute that trained you may be a good option. You will surely find a medical training adapted to your needs.

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A member of your maritime crew can also direct you to the appropriate center for a good training. So don’t hesitate to ask for help from those around you. You can turn to your classmates, relatives and others. Using your network can be beneficial in the sense that you can be confident about the quality of the training.

The different types of training

There are 3 types of training depending on the candidate’s profile:

  • Basic training: it is adapted to any person who wishes to benefit from the skills in the maritime medical field.
  • Refresher training: It may happen that you have already participated in a maritime medical training in the past but that your superior asks you to do a refresher course. In this case, you will not have to start from scratch. You will just need to upgrade your skills and that’s it.
  • Bespoke maritime medical training: The purpose of this training is for you to choose your own modules from the list provided but the center. By opting for a custom course, you are in control. You will create your course according to your needs and your schedule. If you have a week of free time, for example, you can ask the center to design a personalized and effective course during that time. At the end, you will still have your certification.

Take advantage of the Dermal Filler training to extend your expertise

If being a sailor is a passion for you, online medical training will allow you to realize your dream. However, if being a Navy SEAL is too dangerous for you, you can pursue a career in cosmetic medicine.

Remote from the experience on the sea, you should know that the specialist in aesthetic medicine is widely solicited. His expertise consists to correct the visible imperfections on your face. Moreover, the number of patients flocking to the institute to benefit from this intervention is constantly increasing. By following a training program on, you can give a new lease on life to your professional career by directing it towards the aesthetic field.

Aesthetic medicine: what does the job involve?

Unlike general medicine, aesthetic medicine focuses on physical appearance and ways to improve it. To correct imperfections on the face, this specialist often performs peels, injections of hyaluronic acid or botox, and hair removal in beauty institutes. In addition to these types of interventions, it is also possible to entrust an expert in aesthetic medicine with the treatment of scars, wrinkles or anti-ageing care.

With the ever-increasing social demands and technological developments, the customers of institute centers are growing in number every year. For more information on how to learn the trade remotely, simply register with a platform offering this discipline.

What are the training modalities?

Unlike classroom courses, an online Dermal Filler training remains flexible in terms of training methods and access to the course material. The advantage of taking this training is that there are no constraints, as you can view the files on your smartphone or computer anytime.

Depending on your specialization, experienced trainers will provide you with theoretical and practical courses throughout the course. To be able to perform buttock or breast implants, facelifts, injections or rhinoplasty, you will learn the fundamentals directly online.

The concept is the same for a medical webinar, a Dermal Filler training, a medical training or an anatomy master class. You will receive the courses on various digital media such as video, text documents, slide presentations or images. You can consult them at any moment to get the necessary knowledge.

To clarify specific domains, it is possible for you to exchange directly with your instructors via a medical webinar or through a group discussion on social networks. On the practical side, your skills will be affirmed during practical internships in beauty institutes accompanied by practicing professionals.

maritime medical training