What is the price of a student housing home insurance ?

The landlord always requires an insurance contract to be sure to get compensation if there is damage or a claim. The student must have the same insurance policy for university campus or empty rental accommodation. How do I know the price for such a package?

How much does student home insurance cost?

A building rented to a private individual or a professional is still prone to possible damage. Even if the property is rented by a student during his or her university studies, the risks cannot be excluded. In this case, it is recommended to take out home insurance for students, individuals and professionals. However, to conclude such a guarantee requires gathering all the necessary information on the subject. This will allow you to find the best offer and contract it according to your needs.

What type of housing requires home insurance for students?

Basically, it is obligatory for all accommodation rented by a student to be protected against potential damage. Moreover, the landlord refuses to make his building accessible to a student without a home insurance. However, you should know that some apartments do not necessarily require a guarantee certificate issued by a mutual insurance company. To know if you need to subscribe to a complete insurance package or not, pay attention to the following:

University residences

Home insurance is mandatory for students renting housing or rooms at the University. Generally, the annual fee will be deducted along with the cost of tuition and other administrative fees.

Housing rented without vacancy

Just like a university campus, students who choose to rent outside the university must insure their housing against any risks that may occur. This type of accommodation requires a certificate of home insurance for students.

Furnished rental accommodation

Unlike the two apartments mentioned above, the furnished apartment no longer requires home insurance. Thus, the initial rental contract stipulates that any damage caused to the building and its furnishings will be the responsibility of the student. Therefore, the insurance is not necessary.

What is the price of student housing home insurance?

Companies offer a variety of prices and packages. Generally, they adapt their offer to the student’s profile and needs. In this case, to get the best price on the market, it is important to use an online insurance comparator. For your information, the cost of an economical package starts at 20.80 euros. Complete packages can cost up to 44 euros, depending on the optional guarantees included.

Which formula should I subscribe to?

Home insurance, student home insurance, liability insurance or comprehensive insurance… it’s easy to get confused with these concepts. Fortunately, it is possible to distinguish them easily by reading the following paragraph.

Classic home insurance is the one taken out by an individual as part of their rental agreement. Student insurance, on the other hand, is intended for students studying at a university located far from their home. However, it is possible to differentiate these offers by referring to the rate and the types of risks covered.

Particularly for a student, they can access various coverage options depending on their requirements. It can be a multi-risk insurance, a civil liability insurance or other additional options.

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