Why live in USA ?

Why should you live in the United States? There are many reasons for wanting to live in America. Nation of the melting pot, the United States is often seen as a very attractive country when it comes to immigration. It captivates with its diversity and the idea that anything is possible: the American dream. This famous slogan prompts many people to want to settle in the United States. We give you some other reasons.

The positivity and optimism of American citizens

America’s sense of positivity and optimism is very refreshing. Indeed, positivity runs through the veins of virtually every American. This is what made America a great country. In addition, this capable attitude assures America a bright future.

America was founded on the principle that every citizen can achieve anything they want. This is why many Americans seem completely devoid of self-doubt or negativity. Plus, the American people are loving and welcoming, ready to help newcomers settle in. Most American cities have a strong sense of hospitality. No matter where you go to live in America, you are bound to find Americans who will tell you their family’s immigration story. Don’t be surprised to see strangers saying hello on the street.

Economic power

The United States occupies 9th place in the world for nominal GDP per capita, but also 6th for GDP per capita in PPP. The US currency is the world’s main reserve currency, a sign of stability and respect.

The United States is also a cheap country. It was ranked # 1 for food accessibility and safety in a global food security index. It’s an inexpensive country to live in. Expats spend less on food and fuel. Housing costs are also lower than in other wealthy countries, owing to the abundance of land and the low cost of land.


America is a great country to live with children because of its decentralized education system. Indeed, the level of education is so high. As a result, you can rest assured that your child will receive a perfect education as well as internationally recognized qualifications. The United States continues to be a country that values ​​children immensely. The main asset of American education is that one is constantly in the compliment, the encouragement. As a result, the little ones have solid self-confidence.


The United States is a world leader in healthcare innovation. Well-funded hospitals, skilled staff, and the latest medical innovations. Since 1966, many American citizens have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. So you can rest assured that you will receive the best treatments if you need them. America is also the world leader in dental care and proudly boasts some of the whitest, upright smiles in the world.

Obviously, this standard of care in the United States comes at a cost, and many experts worry about it. Be sure! Many companies contribute to the privileged including health and retirement plans to cover you.